27th Yudhvir Memorial Award

Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi

For his dedication to social work in removing other people’s hunger By Hon’ble Smt. Kalvakuntla Kavitha, Member of Parliament


Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi was only 4 years old when his auto driver father passed away. His mother struggled to care for Azhar and his three siblings. He gave up his studies at the age of 10 and took up odd jobs so that he could support his family. In 2001 he started a plaster of Paris unit which remains his only source of income even today.

A stray encounter with a hungry woman led Azhar to start his campaign to feed hungry persons in 2012. This has grown into a daily food camp for over 150 hungry mouths.

In October 2015 he set up the NGO Sani Welfare Foundation to carry the work further. Inspired by his example, and sometimes aided by him, free food programmes for over 1,000 people have come up in different cities across India in coordination with local trusts and authorities. Free clinic, free educational academy and a free tailoring centre for needy women have also been set up.

Despite the increase in the beneficiaries, he prefers not to accept cash donations. Instead he takes contribution in kind.

The media attention helped his work grow and diversify. He has been widely recognised for his endeavour and has been felicitated by numerous institutions in Telangana and other states.

In recognition of his dedication to the noble cause of feeding the hungry, the trustees of the Yudhvir Foundation are happy to award the 27th annual Yudhvir Memorial Award to Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi. They wish him greater success in his commitment.