14th Yudhvir Memorial Award

Late Shri Badri Vishal Pitti

For his contribution to social work by Member of Parliament, Late Shri G. Venkataswamy and Shri Anjan Kumar Yadav


Mr. Badri Vishal Pitti was the eldest son of Hyderabad’s famous businessman Mr. Pannalal Pitti and Mrs. Paan Bai Pitti. An active and successful youth, he participated in the “Quit India Movement” at the age of 14 and by the time he reached 17, he had effectively started a strike in Grammer School for the Movement.

During the “Hyderabad Freedom Movement” he went underground and organised “Hyderabad Radio”. He treaded all the paths that lead to the battle against injustice, English culture and inflation especially price hikes in food grains. He went to jail several times for civil disobedience at the time of the Telangana Movement.

Mr. Badri Vishal Pitti became symbolic of political agitations and social reform movements. Upholding and championing labour concerns, he became the leader of atleast 30 Labour Organizations. In 1961, he became the Director of the Samajwadi Party’s Central Parliamentary Board and in 1967 he stood for elections for Maharaj Gunj Constituency. He was also the first person to have raised his voice in favour of Hindi language.

From childhood, he showed keen interest in Philosophy. In 1949, he started “Kalpana”which initially was a bi-monthly magazine. It ceased publication in 1978. Recently the “Kashi” edition was produced and released.

He was always in favour of development of Indian Languages. In order to bring together talents in the field of Philosophy, Music, Art and other related areas, he instituted an organization – “Triveni”. On this platform he would invite great and popular music composers and philosophers and also give a chance to newcomers. He had an eye for recognising a diamond in the rough.

He was a caretaker of many Social, Religious and Educational Institutions. He was also the Chairman for the Managing Committee of Badruka College.

Above and beyong being a famed personality in the fields of Politics, Philosophy, Social Reforms, Art and Culture, Mr. Badri Vishal Pitti embodied the finest qualities of a good human being and a good Indian.

Remembering your services in each and every field of humanity, traditional and social, Yudhvir Foundation trustees with their wishes and blooming flowers honour the 14th Annual Foundation Award with a feeling of pride. We hope that all your missions will stand as a milestone in young generations success path.