8th Yudhvir Memorial Award

Dr. B Somaraju

For his outstanding contribution to Cardiac Medicare by Hon’ble Sri Y. Ramakrishnudu, Speaker, AP Legislative Assembly


Medicine is one of the noblest professions since it cures diseases and increases human well being. Physicians are the human agents who make that  possible. It is part of the quest of a good physician to discover new and more efficacious ways of accomplishing his chosen mission.

In an age in which every profession is becoming commercialised, it is heartening to come across persons who do not forget their social obligation.

Dr. Bhoopathiraju Somaraju is one of those who treat their patients with the same reverence with which they come to him. Throughout his career in government and the private sector, he has constantly been on the lookout for ways to make Medicare humane and more affordable.

He collaborated with the famed scientist, Bharat Ratna Dr. Abdul Kalam to establish the Society for Biomedical Technology. They developed India’s first indigenious stent for angioplasty. This reduced the cost of the procedure significantly, saved India considerable foreign exchange and enhanced the prestige of Indian science and technology. It served to show that advancement in science can be harnessed for peaceful productive purposes. Dr. Soma Raju’s search for excellence continues through his Cardiac Care and Research Foundation (CARE).

In a profession in which time is high money, Dr. Soma Raju spares time every day to give free consultation to poor patients.

By his commitment, integrity and constant search for excelllence, Dr. Soma Raju has served suffering humanity. He has become a role model for the generation. He has thus served and strengthened the ideals of the late Shri Yudhvir.

The Trustees of the Yudhvir Foundation have therefore great pleasure in conferring the Eighth Annual Foundation Award on Dr. Soma Raju. While doing so, they wish him further successes in his mission and a long life of useful service to society and personal happiness.