4th Yudhvir Memorial Award

Dr. Manmohan Singh

For outstanding service to National Development. by Late H.E Mr. Krishan Kant, Governor of Andhra Pradesh


Dr. Manmohan Singh is one of the brightest economists of the world. After a truly distinguished academic career and a spell of teaching, he joined the field of economic development and administration. In India he held the crucial offices of the Chief Economic Adviser, Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Governor of the Reserve Bank and Dy. Chairman of the Planning Commission. Internationally, he served in the UNCTAD and as Secretary General of the South Commission. He has thus acquired a unique overview of global economic and political scene.

While his remarkable talent and rare dedication were always recognized, it was in 1991 when he became Finance Minister of India that the full measure of his unique personality came to public attention. At that time India stood at the brink of economic disaster and international bankruptcy. Inflation was galloping and the prospect for the nation was extremely gloomy.

As if with one tidal wave of his magic wand, he executed a remarkable turn-around in Indian economy. It was his handling of that situation which saved India from disaster. He has transformed a centralized, controlled economy into a free and vibrant economy. He has performed the hitherto impossible task of increasing resources by reducing taxation. Rate of growth has increased and foreign investment have touched a new high.

As a minister, constantly in public gaze, he has set an example of rare, simplicity, rectitude, honesty and integrity. He has, by his example reinforced our waning belief in the Indian system by showing that hard work pays and merit is acknowledged and integrity in public life is valued.

In honouring such a person of rare merit, the Trustees of the Yudhvir Foundation feel that they are honouring themselves. This conferment of the award, would, hopefully inspire an entire generation to emulate his lofty example. It would also promote values for which the great man, Late Shri Yudhvir whom we are commemorating today, lived by.

The Trustees of the Yudhvir Foundation have great pleasure and pride in conferring its Annual Award for 1995 on Dr. Manmohan Singh. They wish him many more years of health and happiness so he can continue his yeomens’ service to the nation.