9th Yudhvir Memorial Award

Late Dr. K Anji Reddy

For his contribution to Pharmaceutical Industry. by Hon’ble Shri Ch. Vidyasagar Rao, Union Minister of State for Home, Govt. of India


Dr. K. Anji Reddy, armed with high qualifications, left the security of a government job and launched his solitary boat on unchartered seas. Rooted in research, he exhibited rare vision, dedication and deep commitment.

In a short span of time, Dr. Anji Reddy has shown outstanding achievement in the field of pharmaceuticals. Where obtaining foreign collaboration and license was a norm, Dr. Reddy gave licenses to the west. Where getting an agency was an achievement, he went and set up joint ventures in Russia, Brazil and China. When importing drugs was a source of profit, he started exporting to over 50 countries of the world. With the tenacity of a researcher, he reversed all the prevailing norms and demonstrated that to be an Indian did not have to mean to be at the receiving end.

The emerging new order sketched out by WTO, in which only the fittest would survive, did not intimidate him. Instead it beckoned him as if for a tryst. He believed that the future would belong to those who would dare to complete with the rest of the world. By his inventions in the crucial fields of diabetes and cancer, he has done India proud.

In advancing globalisation, he is in the process of building up an Indian multi-national. He has provided inspiration for a whole generation of technocrats. Dr. Anji Reddy personifies the new breed of freedom fighters. He has thus served and strengthened the ideals for which the late Shri Yudhvir stood.

His acute sense of social responsibility has driven him to help the disadvantaged sections of the society in diverse ways. By incorporating ecological measures in his systems, he has shown that pollution need not be inevitable fallout of industrialisation.

The trustees of the Yudhvir Foundation have therefore great pleasure in conferring the Ninth Yudhvir Memorial Award on Dr. K Anji Reddy. While doing so, they wish him further successes in his mission and many years of useful service to India – and personal fulfillment.