15th Yudhvir Memorial Award

Late Dr. Raj Bahadur Gour

For his outstanding contribution in Freedom Struggle and Public Welfare works. by Hon’ble Shri K. Rosaiah, Minister of Finance; Medical and Health, Govt. of A.P


Dr. Raj Bahadur Gour is the son of Mr. Rai Mahboob Rai and Mrs. Amaravati Gour.

Dr. Gour is a freedom fighter and a well-known trade union leader associated with the Communist Party. He started trade unions during the Nizam’s regime and fought for the labour cause. He was an active trade union leader even at the age of 88.

A physician by profession, he did not practice medicine and instead chose to stay involved with politics. Dr. Gour was inspired by the communist ideology and joined Communist Party in 1939. Dr. Gour was instrumental in forming and strengthening the ‘Comrades Association’ in 1940.

Dr. Gour participated in the Telangana Armed Struggle against the federal system of the zamindars of Hyderabad. He was arrested and imprisoned several times. He also participated in the students’ Vandematarm Movement when university authorities banned the chanting of Vande Mataram in the 1930s.

Since he was associated with the Communist Party, the party elected him to the Rajya Sabha in 1952, even though he was in jail. He was re-elected to the Rajya Sabha in 1956 which he declined.

Urdu is his mother tongue and he was closely associated with Urdu organisations. He is still associated with ‘Anjuman-e-Tarakki Urdu’ and ‘Zinda Dilane Hyderabad’. He was also the Vice President of the National Council for the promotion of Urdu. 

He passed away in October 2011 at the age of 93.